The Pyramids - Train Tour to Rainbow City

The Pyramids - Train Tour to Rainbow City

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  Symarip (also known at various stages of their career as The Bees, The Pyramids, Seven Letters and Zubaba) were a ska and reggae band from the United Kingdom, originating in the late 1960s, when Frank Pitter and Michael Thomas founded the band as The Bees. The band's name was originally spelled Simaryp, which is an approximate reversal of the word pyramids. Consisting of members of West Indian descent, Simaryp is widely marked as one of the first skinhead reggae bands, being one of the first to target skinheads as an audience. Their hits included "Skinhead Girl", "Skinhead Jamboree" and "Skinhead Moonstomp", the latter of which was based on the Derrick Morgan song, "Moon Hop".

They moved to Germany in 1971, performing reggae and Afro-rock in Germany under the name Zubaba. In 1980, the single "Skinhead Moonstomp" was re-issued in the wake of the 2 Tone craze, hitting #54 on the UK Singles Chart. The band officially split in 1985 after releasing the album Drunk & Disorderly as The Pyramids. The album was released by Ariola Records and was produced by Stevie B.



  • Roy Ellis - Singer, trombone (1969 - 1985)
  • Josh Roberts - Guitar (1969 - 1985)
  • Michael "Mik" Thomas - Bass guitar (1969 - 1985, 2008 - present)
  • Frank Pitter - Drums (1969 - 1985, 2008 - present)
  • Monty Neysmith - Keyboards, including Hammond organ (1969 - 1985, 2010 - present)
  • Roy Bug Knight - Saxophone (2008 - present)
  • Johney Johnson - Trumpet (2008 - present)
  • Carl Grifith - Tenor & alto sax (2008 - present)



The Pyramids - Train Tour to Rainbow City / John Chewey

UK President PT 161 (1967).

Record produced by Eddie Grant.

The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting few plays.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are clean and unmarked.

Both record centre labels are free from tears, stains and stickers.

The record comes with a plain white generic paper sleeve.

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