The Politicians - The Politicians featuring McKinley Jackson

The Politicians - The Politicians featuring McKinley Jackson

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The Politicians

Soul funk band

In-house Detroit band for the recordings of the Hot Wax and Invictus labels, the same role that The Funk Brothers had at Motown.
Led by trombone player McKinley Jackson, that had just arrived from Funkedelic camp.
The group were known for playing the club circuit in the Detroit area, and backed up many touring bands that came through the city.
Clay Robinson, McKinley Jackson, Melvin Griffin, Roderick Chandler, Zachary Slatter.
Track listing:
Side A.
* Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic    (3:43)
* The World We Live In          (4:22)
* Church                                 (3:15)
* Free Your Mind                    (2:50)
* Everything Good Is Bad       (4:14)
Side B.
* A Song For You                    (4:31)
* Speak On It                          (5:45)
* Funky Toes                           (4:04)
* Politicians Theme                 (2:50)
* Close Your Big Mouth           (3:06)
The Politicians - The Politicians featuring McKinley Jackson
U.S. Hot Wax HA-711 stereo (1972).
Album produced by McKinley Jackson.
The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting few plays.
Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.
Both record centre labels are clean, unmarked, and free from tears, stains or stickers.
The album cover is in excellent condition, displaying only minor signs of wear.
The album cover has a strong spine, displaying very clear, printed script.
The album cover has been clipped by HM customs and excise towards the upper left corner, (see scan).
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