Small Faces - My Mind's Eye

Small Faces - My Mind's Eye

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  "My Mind's Eye" was the sixth song released on 11 November 1966 by the successful English R&B/rock group Small Faces. It reached number four on the UK Singles Chart.


"My Mind's Eye" was originally intended to be an album track by the band but was released as a single without their knowledge or consent whilst touring in the north of England. Don Arden had been eager for the group to release a song before Christmas and released an unfinished, rough demo copy in his possession. The single was a hit, reaching number 4 on the UK singles chart, but in terms of relations between Arden and Small Faces, it was to signal the end of the band's relationship with both Arden and Decca.

Marriott admitted using part of the popular Christmas song "Gloria in Excelsis Dio" as inspiration for the melody to the chorus.



Small Faces - My Minds Eye / I Can't Dance With You

UK Decca F 12500 (1966).

The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting few plays.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are clean and unmarked.

The record comes with an original company paper sleeve.

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