Paul and Linda McCartney - Ram

Paul and Linda McCartney - Ram

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  "Ram" was the second Paul McCartney album released back in May 1971, this time also crediting Linda McCartney, the only album to do so. It was recorded amid Paul McCartney's legal action in Britain's High Court to dissolve the Beatles partnership, following their break-up the year before. McCartney appeared on the album with guitarists David Spinozza, Hugh McCracken and future Wings drummer Denny Seiwell.

On release the album was received negatively by the majority of music critics, mostly still coming to terms with the Beatles split, although opinion has become far more favourable in subsequent decades. It's release coincided with a period of bitter acrimony between McCartny and his former bandmate and composer John Lennon, who perceived verbal slights in the lyrics to songs such as "Too Many People".

A commercial success nonetheless, Ram topped the national album charts in Britain, the Netherlands and Canada. Three singles were released from the album. "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" became McCartney's first number 1 solo hit in the U.S. of America. The album has regained popularity from the "never aspired to" fan base since it's re-release in May 2012.


Paul and Linda McCartney - Ram

Apple PAS 10003 stereo (1971)

Album manufactured in France.

Album produced by Paul and Linda McCartney.

The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting few plays.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are clean and unmarked.

The albums laminated hinged cover is in excellent condition, displaying very minimal signs of wear.

The cover has a strong hinge and spine, displaying very clear, printed script..

  In whole, the best we've seen for a good number of years.

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