The Shadows - The Shadows to the Fore

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  "The Shadows to the Fore" is an EP by The Shadows, released in May 1961. It became the UK number-one selling EP for 28 weeks, having three seperate stints at the top of the chart from June 1961 until May 1962.

Each of the four singles contained on the EP had been released as singles. In the UK all charted on the Record Retailer chart: "Apache" had spent five weeks at number one in 1960, "Man of Mystery"/"The Stranger" was released as a double A-side the same year and peaked at number five, and "F.B.I." peaked at number six following release in February 1961.




The Shadows - The Shadows To The Fore (EP)

U.K. Columbia SEG 8094 mono (1961).

The vinyl record has remained in excellent condition.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record cebtre labels are clean and unmarked.

The records laminated flipback sleeve is in excellent condition.

The sleeve has biro ink mark on the rear side.

The record centre shows no sign of spindle wear.

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