Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell

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  "Speak & Spell" is the debut album by the British synthpop group Depeche Mode, released in October 1981. The album peaked at #10 in the U.K. albums chart. This was the only Depeche Mode album with Vince Clarke as a member of the band. Clarke wrote most of the songs for the band, defore departing to form Yazoo and later Erasure.

  The album is significantly lighter in tone and melody than their later work, a direction which can largely be attributed to Clarke's writing. After he left, Martin Gore took over songwriting duties, writing almost all of the band's material. Later albums written by him would explore darker subjects and melodies. The album title alludes to the then-popular "Speak & Spell" electronic toy.




Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell

U.K. Mute Records STUMM 5 stereo

Album produced by Daniel Miller & Depeche Mode.

Album features the singles "Dreaming of Me", "Just Can't Get Enough" and "New Life".

The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting very few plays.

Audio quality is clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are clean and unmarked.

The album cover is in excellent condition, displaying only minimal signs of wear.

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