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War - Deliver The Word

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  "Deliver the Word" is the sixth album by the American funk-soul band War, Released on United Artists records in August 1973. The album featured two singles, "Gypsy Man" (severely edited from the 11 minute album version) backed with "Deliver the Word" (US #8), and "Me and Baby Brother" backed with "In Your Eyes" (US #15). A live version of "Me and Baby Brother" had been released previously on "All Day Music" (1971)

The cover was printed using metallic silver ink on black, resembling a cover of a Bible (the album title being a phrase associated with the Bible). A die-cut window in the lower left corner reveals part of the inner sleeve which shows a human figure walking along a deserted beach. The other side of the inner sleeve shows the same picture, but mirror reversed, and tinted blue instead of orange. When the cover is inserted the other way around, the window reveals an empty beach with sunlight (which, in blue, looks like moonlight) reflecting off the water. The album design and photo is credited to Gary Sato, with band member Lee Oskar credited for cover concept.


War- Deliver The Word

United Artists UAS 29.521-B STEREO (1973)

Album manufactured in France.

Album produced by Jerry Goldstein & Lonnie Jordan

The vinyl is record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting few plays.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are clean and unmarked.

The album cover is in excellent condition, displaying only minor signs of wear.

The original "day & night" inner sleeve is perfectly presented.

For full track listing see Own tab.

In whole, an excellent example of an increasingly hard to find album. Especially in this kind of condition.

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3 - 3 of 290 results