Small Faces - The Universal

Small Faces - The Universal

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  "The Universal" by British R&B group Small Faces, was released during June 1968, peaking at #16 in the UK singles chart, and remaining in the top-40 for a total of 10 weeks.

"The Universal" was originally titled by Steve Marriott as "Hello the Universal" but due to an error early in the single's production and manufacture was instead printed as the shorter "The Universal", and due to the costs involved never corrected. The erratic sounding song was parlty recorded by Marriott in the garden of his Essex home at the time, Beehive Cottage. His dogs can clearly be heard barking in the background. The song was further enhanced, edited, and other instruments added later in the recording studio. One of Marriott's dogs was also recorded howling in the studio for the Pink Floyd track of the same name, from their 1971 album "Meddle".

After the success of the Small Faces previous release "Lazy Sunday" Marriott especially, was disappointed that the song only reached #16 in the UK singles chart. Marriott was quoted at the time as saying that "The Universal" was the best song he had ever written. In a 1968 interview for the music press he added, "People keep saying that Universal is a send-up of Dylan or the one-man-band. They don't seem to realise that it's a serious record, which proves that they don't really listen to it because if they did they'd understand what it's all about. It's about getting up in the morning, going outdide and saying hello to the Universe".



Small Faces - The Universal / Donkey Rides, A Penny Glass

U.K. Immediate IM 069 (1968)

The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting few plays.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are clean and unmarked.

The record comes with an original company paper sleeve.

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