The Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path

The Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path

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  "The Golden Path" was recorded by English electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers, taken from the Chemical Brothers' first greatest hits album, "Singles 93-03". Featuring The Flaming Lips, the lead vocals were performed by Wayne Coyne with Steven Drozd performing backing vocals.



Coyne said: "I love that band; they are one of the greatest inventions of our day." Coyne recalls about the recording process of his band's vocals: "We recorded our part very quickly, almost flippantly, like we'd get a second chance. Then Tom and Ed left a message within 20 minutes of receiving the tape. You could hear them jumping up and down in the background, shouting 'We're ecstatic.'"


Critical response

Choosing it as one of album's best tracks, John Bush from AllMusic said the song "delivers on most of its promise as a soundclash for two of neo-psychedelia's most interesting acts" while calling it "a cool, crisp song" with two surprises: its reminiscence of Echo & the Bunnymen and Drozd's vocal debut.

More critical was Michaelangelo Matos of Spin, cited the track as possible evidence for a Chemical Brothers "decline into middlebrow irrelevance."


Formats and track listings

12" single
  1. "The Golden Path" – 4:47
  2. "Nude Night" – 6:18


Chart positions

Chart (2003) Peak
Irish Singles Chart 20
UK Singles Chart 17




The Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path

Virgin CHEMSTDJ18 stereo (2003) Demonstration copy.

The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting few plays.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are free from tears, stains or stickers.

The record cover is in excellent condition, displaying only minimal signs of wear.

The record cover has a strong, undamaged spine, displaying clear, printed script.

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