The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

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  "Galvanize" is a song by British electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers and the first single released from their 2005 album "Push the Button". It peaked at No. 3 on the UK Singles chart.

It was the highest charting single in their native United Kingdom by The Chemical Brothers since "Hey Boy Hey Girl", which had also reached No. 3 in 1999. In Spain, it reached No. 1 and it held the top spot for two weeks.



The track features a distinct Moroccan Chaabi string sample from Najat Aatabou's song "Hadi Kedba Bayna (Obvious lie)". The main hook of the song is in 6/4 time signature, while the rest is in 4/4. The track also features rapping by Q-Tip (member of A Tribe Called Quest). In part of the song, a sample from the group’s early single "Leave Home" plays.


Critical reception

Pitchfork Media's Scott Plagenhoef stated the song along with "The Boxer" "harks back to the duo's early B-Boy/techno days" but missed "the ferocity and sub-bass rattlings of their earlier cousins, and here play second fiddle to unremarkable verses and nasally vocals."

It won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Single in February 2006.


Track listing:

A. Galvanize (7:31)

B. Rise Up (4:05)




The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize / Rise Up

Virgin CHEMSTDJ21 stereo (2004) 12" promo'

The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading, suggesting few plays.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are free from tears, stains or stickers.

The record cover is in excellent condition, displaying only minimal signs of wear.

The record cover has a strong, undamaged spine, displaying very clear, printed script.

The record's original custom black inner sleeve is perfectly presented.

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